Chanderbhan Counselling Services can connect you with a variety of psychological assessments with almost no waiting period.

We offer assessments for the following areas:

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessments:

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA)? Do you find it difficult to cope with the changes it has brought to your life? Do you experience difficulties in regulating your mood, feelings, and behaviours after the MVA? 

Being involved in an MVA leads to many significant changes in your life.  While the physical effects are the easy to spot, the psychological effects are often neglected. Some of these psychological changes that may occur post MVA include:

  • Nightmares
  • Worried about the future
  • Angry outbursts
  • Withdrawal from events you previously enjoyed
  • Feeling numb
  • Constantly uneasy
  • Anxiety regarding vehicles or the accident site
  • Trouble remembering things or concentrating
  • Disturbing recollections of the event

Many people are unaware that their automobile insurance often covers psychological rehabilitation in addition to physical rehabilitation without a referral from their doctor. Just contact our office (416-231-4700 x1) and we can assist you with the process. 


Comprehensive Psychological Assessments:

A comprehensive psychological assessment will help to answer some of these questions. Our assessment provides a thorough exploration of your family history and your social, emotional, personality, and cognitive functioning. With these results, you will gain greater insight into yourself and we will also provide you a diagnosis (if applicable) and a list of recommendations and various treatment options if you choose to continue with additional psychological treatment.

Comprehensive psychological assessments will help you:

  • Provide an opportunity for early intervention if you are experiencing multiple difficulties

  • Identify any possible psychological, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive issues

  • Identify your strengths and any barriers to treatment

  • Develop a collaborative treatment plan if you continue to seek psychological treatment

  • Understand possible academic strengths and weaknesses if you are struggling in school

  • Understand your unique personality strengths and challenges

During the initial interview with our Clinical Supervisor, the assessment plan is customized based on your specific wants, needs and situation.  We have an extensive array of assessment tools available and will tailor your specific assessment in order to gain as much insight as possible into the questions you need answers to. The results of the comprehensive assessment will be compiled into a thorough written report to provide you with an overview of your psychological health, which our practitioners will discuss with you in detail, and which will be used to develop next steps for treatment if necessary and desired.

Immigration/refugee AssessmentS

Are you struggling emotionally from trauma experienced in your country of origin?

Do you require a psychological evaluation as part of your refugee claim?

At CCS, we can provide psychological evaluations to clients who are pursuing a refugee claim. Refugees are a particularly vulnerable population, having escaped persecution or traumatic events and are attempting to restore their lives in a new and unfamiliar place. We recognize the difficulties and the lasting effects of these experiences, and provide a safe, non-judgmental space to conduct psychological evaluations. By screening for anxiety, depression, and trauma, we create thorough reports regarding the risks of deportation. We can also help connect you with other culturally-specific support services to help you navigate the process, and we understand the need for and accept the use of translators while conducting these evaluations.